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You don't have to be living on the street to be homeless. You may be legally classed as homeless if you are sleeping on a friend's sofa, staying in a hostel, suffering from overcrowding, or other bad conditions.

Homelessness can often be avoided if you act quickly and get the right help. If you have nowhere to stay, call Shelter's helpline or use our directory to find a local advice centre where you can get face-to-face help.

Helpline 0808 800 4444


Umbrella org:
Area serviced:
Free advice helpline 0808 800 4444 / Telephone Supporter Helpdesk on 0300 330 1234 from Monday -
Who is it for:
Anyone looking for support regarding homelessness and bad housing
How to apply:
Telephone 0808 800 4444

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Subject Definitions

Homelessness is the condition and social category of people without a regular house or dwelling because they cannot afford, or are otherwise unable to maintain regular, safe, and adequate housing, or lack "fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence.
Advice for people with housing enquiries.For example,if they are moving property,are waiting to be allocated a local authority property or feel that they are living in sub-standard accomodation.