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Independent Age

6 Avonmore Road, London, W14 8RL
Area serviced:
020 7605 4200

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Carers come from all backgrounds and can be any age. Caring can be rewarding, but it can be difficult too. Here are ten important things that any carer should know to help with their caring role and make sure they get the support they are entitled to.
There are a number of charities who exists to help people access the money available to them – through benefits, grants and other financial help.
Advice for people with housing enquiries.For example,if they are moving property,are waiting to be allocated a local authority property or feel that they are living in sub-standard accomodation.
The type of care you require, where you live and the amount of capital you have will affect how much you pay for a care home. If your care assessment has determined that you need intermediate care you will not be charged for this service. This could be for any period of time, normally up to six weeks.