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AgeUKIG08: Housing options

Source: Age UK

AgeUKIL05: Care home checklist

Source: AgeUK

FS10 Paying for permanent residential care

Source: Age UK

FS29 Finding care home accomodation

Source: Age UK

FS38 Treatment of property in the means test for permanent care home provision

Source: Age UK

FS40 Deprivation of assets in the means test for care home provision

Source: Age UK

FS58 Paying for temporary care in a care home

Source: Age UK
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It's a big decision to go into residential or nursing care, and not one that's always easily made. There will be lots of issues to consider, places to look at, and things to watch out for, but the whole process will be easier if you can try to keep viewing it as a positive step. Moving into care can actually be an opportunity. Not only will you have the chance to make new friends with other residents, you will also be surrounded by friendly staff who will be able to make life more comfortable for you. The most important thing to keep in mind is what you are looking for – the care you need, at a price you can afford, in a home that's right for you.